Hello and welcome to my website.

At this time I am working virtually. Please call or email me for details and to schedule an appointment.

I consider therapy to be a voyage of self discovery and a learning experience undertaken by both therapist and client.  On this journey, the client is regarded as the ‘expert’ and the therapist serves as ‘consultant’, providing an atmosphere of acceptance, nurturance, and positive regard.

Based upon my 40 years of work with diverse clientele, I have come to believe that, discomfort/anxiety/depression and many other symptoms often result from events in our lives which may be high-stress or traumatic. The impact of these traumatic events has been well-documented over many years. Once we recognize why we are experiencing these symptoms, we can then explore how best to treat them, eliminate them and enjoy the lives we deserve!

I am a Registered Social Worker who provides counselling and psychotherapy. I am committed to honouring diversity and inclusion and welcome individuals of all cultures, religions, sexual orientations and gender identification.

I am Registered to work in Ontario and Northwest Territories, Canada.